School of Public Health held the 13th Sports Meeting


On the morning of October 27, the School of Public Health of Southeast University held the thirteenth sports meeting in Dingjiaqiao campus. The faculty, undergraduates and postgraduates spent their pleasant time playing sports together on the sunny autumn day.

The teachers and studentsparticipated together in a range of fun sports activities, includingfive people-six feet, “cross the river by feeling the stones”, etc. They all showed their excellent skills, unity and cooperation during thesegroup competitions. The scene was teemed with laughter.

There were also the fierce sports, such as sprint, medicine ball, long jump and relay race.The athletes were passionate, struggling and fighting, showing the Olympic sports spirit ofhigher, faster, stronger.

This half-day sports meeting enabled all of the teachers and students to enjoy the fun, enhance physical fitness, and strengthen their willpower  in the games. Sport promotes health, which is the unceasing goal of public health.

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