Event notes for the 2018 National Nutrition Week at School of Public Health


From 20th April to 31st August 2018, teachers and students from the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, School of Public Health, Southeast University, organized a range of activities for the 2018 National Nutrition Week, together with support from student union,community and enterprises. There were a total of 14 activities including: warming up of the National Nutrition Week, recipe design competition, walking into the Master Kong's processing factory, the launch ceremony of National Nutrition Week, Nestles China trip of student nutrition and health, campus marathon, 100 days healthy weight loss by wise dieting and exercising, lecture of Balanced diet and exercise, and healthy body weight, and so on. Organizing these activities had taken the professional advantages of the department, andresponded positively to the theme of this years National Nutrition Week, which is Balanced diet and exercise, and healthy body weight. More than 10,000 participants were involved in these events either on scene or online. This event was generally divided into three stages including the warming up, launch and follow-up,of withthere were 2 community visits, 14 campus visits, 1 speech contest, 7 lectures, and 3 healthy runs. This event organized by our department won the Excellent Organizational Institution Award of National Nutrition Week (2018) at the 4th National Nutrition Week Wrapping-up Meeting hosted by the Jiangsu Nutrition Society in June 2018, and the Best Organizational Award at the 4th National Nutrition Week Wraping-up Meeting hosted by the China Nutrition Society in October 2018.

National health is the indispensable guarantee for the all-round well-off society. The public health professionals, as the practitioners that work in the front line for the Chias health undertakings, shoulder the responsibility of caring for the country and its residents. In addition, the nutritionists, as the builders of the nutrition undertakings among the public health professionals, are taking the lead in calling on the whole people to pay attention to health, and to establish the scientific dietary idea, balanced diet, reasonablenutrients andmoderate exercise, in order to achieve a Chinese dream of health for all.

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