Executive director of the United Laboratories International Holdings Limited, Mr Fang Yuping, give a talk to 2018 undergraduate freshmen of School of Public Health


On the evening of November 12th, the 3rd Alumni Forum of the School of Public Health in 2018 was successfully held at the Jiulonghu Campus. Mr Fang Yuping, class of 1986 alumni, and now the executive director of the United Laboratories International Holdings Limited, was invited to share his experiences about personal growth and career development with the 2018 undergraduate freshmen. The forum was hosted by the Vice Dean of the department, Professor Jin Hui.

Mr Fang Yuping talked about his application to college, and his experiences and perceptions of both college life and working life. He shared many his personal examples to illustrate how to overcome the confusion and anxiety accompanied with the beginning of university life as well as how to find a clear development path out of that. He also pointed out the importance of establishing clear goals, and encouraged them to study hard and to take a proactive role in finding every opportunity of developing their all-round capabilities during the university journey. While talking about the public health career, Mr Fang, as a medical professional who had eight years of teaching and working experiences in this field, discussed his views on public health to help students strengthen their professional perception and obtain an overview of the future work. This alumni forum gets our students to be acquainted with various career paths and envision about their own career development.

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