Southeast University held a public welfare event for World AIDS DAY


On November 30th, day before the 31th World AIDS Day, a public welfare event aimed to popularize AIDS knowledge was held by the School of Public Health of Southeast University concurrently at Dingjiaqiao, Jiulonghu and Sipailou campuses.

Theme of the event was “Know it, Prevent it”. The organizer designed a range of interesting games to help participants understand more about AIDS. Over 3000 people were attracted, including many teachers and foreigner students. Some of them put on plastic gloves, painted the gloves with color pigment, and then printed their fingerprints on the theme board, thereby showing their care and support for AIDS patients. Some were involved in answering relevant questions about AIDS after watching an introductory video, through which they also acquired more AIDS knowledge. Some others participated in the competition of answering the randomly selectedquestions to win small prizes. Meanwhile, the organizer issued leaflets with AIDS knowledge to the passing-by teachers and students.

Apart from the above activity, the School of Public Health also posted a series of articles regarding AIDS knowledge on its website to broadcast and help people understand better about AIDS. In the near future, experts in AIDS research from China CDC will be invited to deliver academic lectures to all teachers and students at the school.

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