The School of Public Health successfully held a theme birthday party for the elderly


On the morning of April 12, 2019, the School of Public Health, together with the Heyan Social Work Service Center of Nanjing, successfully held a theme birthday party for the elderly in Xuanwu Lake. More than 50 elderly people from the Workers' New Village Community participated in the activity, which was organized by the 422171 Youth League branch.

Students from the 422171 branch and the staff of Heyan Social Work Service Center accompanied the elderly to visit Xuanwu Lake. They appreciated the beautiful spring scenery and enjoyed themselves. Song Jun, a volunteer of the center, introduced the history and folk tales of Xuanwu Lake and Nanjing City Wall in detail to everyone. Afterwards, they held a group birthday party for the old people. The students elaborately prepared and performed wonderful entertainment programs for the respectable elderly people who had witnessed the development of the country, which included a series of songs, i.e., The Motherland Will Not Forget, My Chinese Heart, guitar playing and singing Those Flowers, as well as Happy Birthday Song. In addition, the Center prepared confectionery peaches (which symbolized longevity) for the elderly, blessing the elderly to stay healthy and lifeful.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. Through this activity and the conversation with the old people, the students more deeply understood the extraordinary years of China since 1949, arousing feeling of the country's growing prosperity.

Thanks for the Heyan Social Work Service Center of Nanjing for providing this valuable opportunity.


图片包含 人员, 树, 户外, 草


FIG. 1Sharing birthday peaches with the elderly

图片包含 树, 户外, 人员, 草


FIG. 2Song performance


图片包含 户外, 人员, 建筑物, 树


FIG. 3Explanation of Ming city wall

FIG. 4A group photo

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