Opening ceremony of the 3rd Health Culture Festival of Southeast University was successfully held


At noon on the 13th and 15th of May, the opening ceremony of the 3rd Health Culture Festival of Southeast University, sponsored by the School of Public Health, was successfully held at the Student Activity Plaza of the Jiulonghu Campus and the Yilin Cafeteria of the Dingjiaqiao Campus. Theme of this event was “Balanced diet, Daily fruits and vegetables, and Healthy US.” This event was jointly organized by the School’s Student Union, the Graduate Student Union, the Nutritional Health Association and the 421171 Youth League Branch. Professor Sun Guiju, Associate Professor Wang Shaokang, Teacher Yang Ligang and Zhang Hong from the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene were present at the opening ceremony, and over 2,000 students and other teachers participated in the event altogether.

With “Reasonable Diet” as this year’s core initiative, the opening ceremony highly publicized the scientific information and health benefits of vegetables and fruits, so as to raise awareness of eating more fruits and vegetables among teachers and students. The atmosphere on the scene was so lively! There were not only a series of interesting games such as “Battle dietary pagoda”, “Tasting the fruits and vegetables in poems”, etc., but also a Q&A section for teachers to answer any dietary queries from students. Meanwhile, registration to attend the subsequent activities of the Health Culture Festival including “Challenge the Next Kilometer” and “Recipe Design Competition” were also available.

“Without national health, there is no comprehensive well-off society.” The Health Culture Festival of Southeast University has been held for three consecutive years and has become the university’s brand cultural event. Starting from healthy eating habits, this university-wide event aims at promoting healthy diet and life skills, improving health awareness, and forming healthy and reasonable eating habits among all of the teachers and students. The opening ceremony is just the beginning of this year’s Health Culture Festival, and a series of exciting activities such as “Challenging the Next Kilometer”, “Recipe Design Competition” and “Health Knowledge Lecture” will be launched subsequently one after another.

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