Health Industry Innovation Salon- The 9th “SHOW WE” Alumni Forum of the School of Public Health was Successfully Held


On the morning of May 25th, the 9th Alumni Forum of the School of Public Health of Southeast University was successfully held at the Dingjiaqiao Campus. Mr. Zhang Zibao (an alumnus of Grade 1993; Executive Director of Business Development and Marketing Promotion of the Dimai Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.), Ms Zhao Jun (an alumnus of Grade 2003; Executive Director of the National Population and Reproductive Health Science Data Center, and Assistant Director of the National Human Genetic Resources Sharing Service Platform), Mr. Zhang Wenjie (an alumnus of 2009; Senior Auditor of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.), and a special guest, Dr Wu Jingwei (Assistant Professor of the School of Public Health at Temple University) were present at this forum.

The Alumni started with sharing their own growth and working experiences, and then had profound communications with teachers and students from the School of Public Health, regarding how to enrich university life, establish correct life goals, improve the humanistic cultivation of public health, and practice good professional ethics. During the interactive communication session, the students questioned about American definition of public health and the status quo and development of public health in the United States and inter-disciplinary employment, etc. These esteemed guests provided them with detailed answers, which had won bursts of applause from the whole audience.

The “Show we” Alumni Forum belongs to one of the series activities organized by the School of Public Health to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 117th anniversary of the establishment of Southeast University, as well as one of the series activities on Career Month of Southeast University. The event aims to help students to make better plans for their study and career, and to improve the development of public health affairs in China.

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