The School of Public Health Successfully Welcomed Undergraduate Freshmen of Grade 2019


From 23-24 August 2019, the School of Public Health of Southeast University welcomed 76 undergraduate freshmen from all over China at the Jiulonghu Campus. With the enthusiastic guidance by volunteers from the school, all the freshmen well-arranged their accommodations, completed the whole registration processes, and got familiar with the campus environment. The new students wrote down their yearnings for a colorful university life on the wishing wall. It is particularly noteworthy that this year, the school designed a prizes quiz session depending upon the Action Plan of Healthy China, to help students improve their health literacy and familiarity with the school through answering questions relating to health knowledge.

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On the afternoon of August 24th, the opening ceremony for Grade 2019 undergraduates of the School of Public Health was held at Room 102, 8th Teaching Building, Jiulonghu Campus. Professor Tao Li (secretary of party committee of the school), Lihong YIN (dean of the school), Qilong FENG (vice secretary of party committee and deputy dean of the school), Hui JIN (deputy dean), teachers from each department, head-teachers of each class and some parents of new students attended the ceremony. The entire ceremony was chaired by Prof Qilong FENG, deputy secretary of party committee of the school.

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The opening ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem. At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean YIN Lihong presented a welcome speech. She introduced the school’s profile and talent training plan, and elaborated on public health so that the freshmen could have a further understanding of the major. The freshman representative, Hexiang BAI, and the on-campus student representative, Xinya XIANG, made speeches respectively to either talk about their desires upon admission or share the rich university experiences. By the end, Secretary LI Tao made a summary exchange and raised ardent hopes for the students. He hoped that during general education provided by the university, the students could continuously improve their professional qualities, assume their own and social responsibilities, clarify their personal development goals, strive to adapt to the current environment, make choices that meet requirements of their own development and the times, and contribute to the building of a healthy China.

The opening ceremony was successfully concluded with the whole audience singing the school song together and strong.

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