A Review on the 2019 Summer Social Practice of Public Health students from Southeast University


This summer, students from the School of Public Health of Southeast University travelled to various provinces of the country to carry out summer social practice activities. Taking advantage of the Schools’ particular characteristics and professional knowledge, the students engaged in a series of forms of activities such as health education to the public, health knowledge presentations, voluntary work and field researches.


For example, the practice team named ‘Anti-sugar and disease prevention’ went to Houbai town, Jurong city, Jiangsu province. They provided public health services for local people there with pre-diabetes.


The photo of ‘Anti-sugar and disease prevention’ charity team


The members were measuring the residents' blood pressure


The ‘On the way to Doctors “ group went to Huai’an city of Jiangsu province, where they undertook research on typical chronic non-communicable diseases.

They gave a lecture for local residents


The 'Destroy the sugar-coated shells' team travelled to Lianshui People's Hospital, where they conducted physical examination and questionnaire survey among 200 diabetic patients to evaluate their health condition and food frequency.


The group photo of the team of 'Destroy the sugar-coated shells'


Students discussed the preparatory work


The ‘Qingmeng’ team of Southeast University, which is composed of dozens of schools, took youth education as its responsibility. They held youth education activities in many high schools surrounding the concept of Believing that young people will make responsible choices.


 ‘Qingmeng’ team in Maba high school


Volunteers and students discussed enthusiastically


The team of serve for medicine, achieve healthy Chinacame to the Haimen Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Nantong city, and carried out research about social factors for prevention and control of chronic diseases.

The group photo of the team of ‘serve for medicine, achieve healthy China’


Students asked basic information about local residents


The team of ‘Bring love to Xinjiang’ went to the local Maternal and Child Care Service Centre of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to carry out social practice and research activities.


The group photo of Bring love to Xinjiang’


Besides, the Southeast University - kashgar health education group travelled to the remote and poor areas in kashgar to spread health knowledge.

The photo of Southeast University - kashgar health education group


Students visited the families of tuberculosis patients in the village


In conclusion, the Public Health students have experienced a meaningful summer vacation fulfilled with rich and colorful summer social practice activities and have strengthened their understandings of the society. Meanwhile, the students actively undertake the responsibility as Public Health people of Southeast University, by advocating the concept of prevention and healthy China. They not only personally fulfill the Public Health spirit of “Helping the world, Protect the people”, but also contribute their youthful strength to the development of healthy China. 

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